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In case you didn't catch it in the site title, I only shoot with a fixed 50mm lens. Unlike most camera blogs that I have seen, I will not be doing reviews (okay, I might do a few reviews), but simply taking pictures with my fixed 50 and sharing what I have learned with you.... Continue Reading →

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MidWeek Challenge #18: Straight Ahead

Use a vanishing viewpoint in an image.  This type of challenge works well with buildings as you can see from the featured image here.  Bonus if anyone can tell me which building this is! As always be sure to send your image and its story into fixed.at.50mm@gmail.com for a chance to get featured! (sorry for... Continue Reading →

Lounging on Lake Lanier

If you have ever had a place in the world that just makes you happy no matter when you go there you will understand how I feel about this view.  Every year growing up we would have a huge family gathering on Thanksgiving at my uncle's house in Atlanta.  Nearly everyone on my mom's side... Continue Reading →

Midweek Challenge #17: Mirrored

Mirrors are funky and really fun to play with in photography.  There are some really fun images you can create with a reflection.  While mirrors are the topic, it would be wrong to exclude reflections.  This could be a self portrait or a more unique look at how mirrors can alter ones perception. Some of... Continue Reading →

DSLR Vs. Smarphone

In this day and age, most of us have a smartphone in our pocket that is capable of taking amazing photos.  There is no doubt that they are fully capable cameras in their own right, but we need to be realistic as to where people are viewing those photos. In most cases, when you take... Continue Reading →

Emerald Bay

"We see the beauty of the world though light." That thought came over me as I was looking at this photo.  Clearly I did something right if that was the response that I gave myself.  This lovely silhouette was captured at Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe.  I have no idea who those two are, but... Continue Reading →

Lightly Falling

Finally some snow... 4 months in California without snow in the winter months is a strange thing when you are used to seeing white out your window for 5 months a year.  This shot I got while sitting in stop go traffic leaving Tahoe last weekend.  People in California just don't know how to drive... Continue Reading →

Canalside Buffalo

Through all the cold winters and mild summers people in Buffalo flock to the new Canalside downtown.  For good reason, it is the sign of the cities rebirth and continued growth in the past 5 years.  These chairs you see here are on one of the few bridges that span the restoration of the historic... Continue Reading →

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