Running down the Beach

It was a fun day walking around Sutro Baths in SF with some good friends. But that’s not why you came here. As a refresher, ALL the photos you will see on this site will be taken with a 50mm lens on a Nikon.

This shot has some humor behind it as well. I was sitting down with my friends along the waters edge, when the sun moved behind some clouds. I looked further down the beach and I saw this man fishing with some really good diffused lighting behind him creating a good silhouette as well as refection on the water. With a quick “be right back!” I took off down the beach. I could hear my friends exclaim “what the heck?” as I was off sprinting with my camera in my hand. I made it with a few seconds to spare as the clouds shifted shortly after to a much thinner mist like consistency. Totally worth it.

Camera Settings:

1/1000 sec


iso 100


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