Looking Down Glymur Falls

This was a really fun shot to take. That’s my sister on our trip to Iceland this past spring. This is actually not one, but several photos that I stacked on top of each other. We are standing at the top of the tallest waterfall in Iceland: Glymur Falls. Totally worth the 3+ hour hike up there.

As we sat at the rim eating our lunch, I got an idea for (what I hoped would be) a really awesome shot. After a few attempts of trying getting the whole falls and river 650′ below in focus, I had to give up on the handheld shot and set up my tripod. After that, it was just a matter setting my tripod where I wanted and stacking the images in post to get the final image you see here. Stacking images can be a real help when you have a very deep field of view shot that you can’t get with a single image. This image that I took, would be impossible with how close my sister is to my camera and how far away the bottom of the falls is.

The side where we were standing was an extremely steep hill that sloped away from the canyon so we felt a little safer on the lip. Needles to say, it was a little unnerving to be that close and setting up the tripod was no simple task.

My settings are a little hard to pin point as I varied my exposure to get a better dynamic range with the dark canyon. On average though, I think I was using anywhere from 1/300th to 1/600th shutter speed. The aperture ranged from 3.5 – 5 I believe, and the iso was between 100-250. It can be hard at times to understand what someone did to get that shot on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you see them, so I hope this has been helpful.

I hope you feel inspired, now go capture your vision


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