Among Giants

This is one of those Images that reminds me that you don’t need great gear (or even any gear) to get the shot.  This was in the PNW the weekend of my sisters wedding in 2016.  We had gone for a hike near the Punch Bowl trail with a bunch of family and friends and we were on our way back when i saw this stretch of straight trail. Most of the trail was winding along a ridge and this was one of the few spots that cut through the woods.  I was ill prepared for taking photos on this hike as I had forgotten my tripod back at the hotel.  I found a dry patch on the ground, lined up my frame and focus using the live view, set the self timer, covered my camera with my coat as it was raining during this shot (it is the PNW after all), and got into position.  I ended up taking a few of these before capturing what you see here.

For me it’s a hard thing to capture the magic of the woods.  There is something about being there in person.  There is an aura about it that I haven’t been able to capture.  This is the closest I have come to that feeling, and even this is not quite descriptive of what I was feeling and had envisioned for this shot.  Regardless, it was a good learning process that had me going back, adjusting focus, shutter, ISO, etc. until got what I wanted.

After spending 20 minutes here getting the right shot, I had to run to catch up with everyone else.  Such is the plight of a photographer in a group of people that don’t share the same appreciation for good photos (or photography process for that matter).  It’s comical too as when I posted this photo on Facebook later, a couple people that were on that hike commented saying: “Awesome shot! Where was everyone else?” and such.  Well, you all left me behind… Sooo, yah, it was just me.


Aperture: 4.5

Shutter: 1/100

ISO: 200

Lens: Nikon 50mm 1.8




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