On the Edge of Silence

Puffins are adorable. There, I said it. I was able to capture this shot while in Iceland with my sister this past summer. This is in the west fjords where puffins typically found in Iceland. We had said that if we don’t see puffins on this trip, it was basically a failure (not literally, we just really wanted to see puffins). We ended up driving 8 hours out of the way just to make it to the west fjords to see these little guys. Totally worth it. Not only were the puffins fun to watch, but that night was the best of the trip as we slept outside along the coast watching the sun “set”, or rather “skirt” the horizon.

The next morning, we hiked up the ridge past the puffins (we typically took a morning hike before setting out). We had gone a good mile and a half when we took a brake. We sat down and enjoyed our view. We were sitting on the edge of the cliff out at the Atlantic Ocean. We didn’t talk, we just sat. It was breathtaking and the silence was astounding. The only sounds being a slight wind, a faint water crashing on the rocks far below, and the occasional bird call. We were the only people there (it was 7 am and we were a mile and a half from the main attraction of the puffins and we were there in the off season for tourism so totally understandable), and it felt like we were alone on the whole island.

I mention this here, not just because it is the story behind this image, but also because as photographers, it can be a good thing to just stop and take in your surroundings before putting yourself behind the camera. There is beauty that can be more difficult to see when looking through a viewfinder. Sometimes it is just as good to take a step back before you raise the camera to your eye to breathe in the view. You never know, you might see something new!

Fun little side note. In Iceland, puffins are viewed the same way pigeons are in New York… Obviously, they are much cuter “pigeons”



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