Icelandic Respite

That whole week in Iceland with my sister was amazing, but this was the start of what we came to call “the good day”.  In fact, you could say it was the “best day”.  The amount of things that happened that day is crazy to think back on.  It all started with this morning hike though.

As we did every morning, we would take a morning hike after waking up just to get the day started off right.  We were in Eastern Iceland just outside Snaefellsjokull National Park in a town called Arnarstapi.  There was a trail along the cost that we decided to make our morning hike.  To make the most of our time in Iceland, we would get up between 6:30 and 7am.  Needless to say, there weren’t many people out (I think we passed two people that morning).

The hike took us about 30 minutes but what was amazing about it was that at the end of this trail was this little coffee shop with the porch you see here.  I can’t describe in words how magical that place felt.  It was all alone on the shore.  Just a tiny hut with this porch and great view of the Atlantic stretching out before us.  It was the biggest regret/bummer that we couldn’t get a drink here (it was closed at 7am, not much is open before 10 in Iceland).  My sister and I ended up sitting there and just talking for 30 minutes or so

That day was one of the greatest trip days I have ever had, but that morning was something really special.



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