Peaceful Evening

This was actually just the start of my evening (even though its sunset).  This was taken on a hike through Sugarloaf State Park.  I was up there for an event at the Robert Ferguson Observatory that night.  If you are near Santa Rosa I would highly recommend going up there for one of their events.  Public events are only once a week but they are totally worth it.  I digress, the hiking in this park is amazing too.  There are some trails closed because of the fire a few months ago but the ones that are open are enjoyable.

Sunsets are one of my favorite things to capture, but a sunset in the mountains is on the top no doubt.  What I try to do when getting a mountain sunset is make sure I have a good depth of field.  I really love that look when the hills start turning blue and fade off into the distance.  Its just a personal preference, but I think its what makes these shots so stunning.


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