Sunny Spot

As you might know (or not depending on what you have read about me) I recently moved to San Francisco.  This past weekend was my first time going up to Tahoe and it didn’t disappoint.   I had driven up at night so I was greeted to an amazing view of the lake when I awoke.  This was later that first day in Emerald Bay.  I couldn’t believe how the light was only hitting the island.

I actually didn’t even see this at first as we were walking the other way.  A friend of mine pointed it out to me.  We stopped and watched the setting sun slowly move leaving everything in an evening shadow.  The fact that I had almost missed this shot made me think of what I overheard this guy say when I was hiking in Muir Woods last year.  “Its amazing what you can see when you hike the other way.”  While he was referring to a tree that they passed,  I have found that it is applicable to many situations in life.  Gaining a different point of view (even walking backwards) gives you a whole different perspective.

Hope this inspires you to “hike the other way” so to speak and find those shots that otherwise would have escaped the glimpse of your eye.



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