What resolution to upload at?

What resolution should you upload your photos at?

This is something that I have a hard time with.  For me, I always try to get the highest resolution images I can on my site.  In reality, my 24.4 megapixel, 6016×4016 resolution images will never be seen at their true size.  Why?  Because 99% of people will be viewing the image on their phone or computer screen that has a max resolution of 1920×1080 also called full HD.  This will change in time but the cost of owning a 4k screen is still on the upper end of TV cost.  Also,  when you factor in the dpi (dots per inch, this refers to the density of pixels on the screen that impact the “sharpness” of an image displayed) of computer monitors and laptop screens, 1080p is going to be common for a few more years at least.

The other big issue is with file size.  When I upload my image at full resolution it can be anywhere from 5-15 megabytes as a compressed jpeg.  When you are dealing with websites that have a limit on storage, those 5-15 megabytes add up really quickly.

It comes down to finding that good balance between the highest quality that you want to display and the storage options that are available to you.  That’s it.  More often than not, the resolution that you upload will never be seen in its full glory so it is up to you to decide what the base should be.

I personally have been uploading at least a 2k image to this site.  So, it is compressed compared to what it is out of my camera, but if someone where to view it on a higher resolution screen, it will look much better.  This really only applies to your own site, or a photo sharing site like Flikr or Viewbug.  Facebook or other social media sites will often compress your images quite a bit because you are storing them for free (typically) on their servers.  Facebook does have a “High Quality” upload but it still won’t be the same resolution as the original image.

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