Weekly Challenge #12: Long Shutter

A long shutter is one of the most powerful things you can do with your camera.  Very few phone cameras offer the ability to control your camera settings manually.  That lack of control can lead to you missing a shot that you could see, but your camera couldn’t capture.

A few really good long shutter subjects include:

  • A busy highway at night (or country road)
  • Shooting star trails (I’ll have a review on how mine went soon)
  • Panning (a really fun thing to try and really hard to master)
  • Waterfalls (or small streams with rocks)

These offer some really fun subjects when trying long exposure.  Trial and error is tough for this type of shooting as it can take up several seconds for your camera to capture the image then process it for you to see on your screen.  I find it useful to take a few quick shots with overly high iso and a quicker shutter (if shooting at night) to frame my shot and make sure I have my camera set in the right spot for the shot.  When you have the composition you want,  take your first shot.

As always, send in your photo and its story to fixed.at.50mm@gmail.com for a chance to get featured!


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