Weekly Challenge #13: Black and White

Here we go,  Black and White time.

Black and white images have the ability to be so powerful because of their simplicity of color.  You only have light and dark to play with,  so using a full range of tones can be even more important.  Or you could go for a extreme contrast image and just have a bright and dark and leave out the mid range tones.

“Color is everything, Black and White is more.”  — Dominic Rouse

I absolutely love black and white photos. To me they can be way more powerful as the composition and lighting seem to take a front seat verses a color image where the same image in color could be less impactful.  Take a look at these two images (this is the image in the #13)

bw test

As you can see, I went with a high contrast image.  I slightly boosted the highlights and the blacks in the right image.  I didn’t even think this image was really any good until I switched into black and white.

So there you go,  capture the world in Black and White!

As always be sure to send your image and its story into fixed.at.50mm@gmail.com for a chance to get featured!









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