Midweek Challenge #14: Paths

When I was out hiking in Muir woods, I heard a person walking the other way make a comment and it went something like this: “Wow, I don’t remember seeing this. Its amazing what you can see when you walk the other way.”

Now, I don’t think he was trying to be really philosophical but for some reason it stuck in my brain that way.  It really is amazing when you look at the same things with a new perspective.  This comment also has a huge impact on photography as there could be an amazing photo just around the bend but only if you are walking the right way.

This also isn’t the first time (or last I’m sure) this has happened to me.  When my sister and I were hiking in Iceland we totally passed a really colorful cross A frame house without even knowing it because the topography blocked our view.  On the way back though we saw this…


How amazing would it be to live there right!?

This weeks challenge: capture the path before you

As always be sure to send your image and its story into fixed.at.50mm@gmail.com for a chance to get featured!


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