Canalside Buffalo

Through all the cold winters and mild summers people in Buffalo flock to the new Canalside downtown.  For good reason, it is the sign of the cities rebirth and continued growth in the past 5 years.  These chairs you see here are on one of the few bridges that span the restoration of the historic Erie Canal.  In the summer the breeze off the lake keeps things cool, and in the winter, people can be found ice skating on the frozen water below. If you want to come down here during a home Sabres game, you can forget trying to find a seat.

These chairs have heard stories of “The French Connection”, the Blizzard of ’77,  the growth of the city in the past few years as an example.

Now that I write about it, it is crazy to think that there are certain topics that each sets of chairs will hear.  In Buffalo, we are a drinking town with a sports problem so you can bet that conversations around Canalside will feature those topics, but in NYC, you will have a totally different range of topics. Crazy.




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