Lounging on Lake Lanier

If you have ever had a place in the world that just makes you happy no matter when you go there you will understand how I feel about this view.  Every year growing up we would have a huge family gathering on Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house in Atlanta.  Nearly everyone on my mom’s side of the family would come (around 50 of us) and we would stay at my uncle’s house.  The kids would find a place to crash on the floor every night after staying up until 4 am playing risk or ping-pong in the basement.  This view of the lake however has always been my favorite spot.

For me, it was the first place that we would go after driving 14 hours from Buffalo New York to his house.  After that drive we would greet everyone and then walk down to the lake to stretch our legs.  It was after the crazy few minutes of greetings that it slowed down again and the realization that we were finally there with family sunk in.  After these few peaceful minutes of looking out over the lake,  we would head back up to the house and have an amazing few days, but this first look over the lake always gave me the feeling that we were now taking a break from the real world and entering into a much needed respite.

I hope we all can find such a place,



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