After a Break – Through the Dark

Ouch, its been a little bit since I posted.  I even missed the Midweek Challenges… Not good.

Well, It has been a crazy few weeks so I give myself a little leeway for not posting.  I have been taking photos during that time and I have a bunch that I want to upload.  Here is one that I grabbed on a hike through the Marin Headlands this past weekend.   It was the first time for me to explore the hills where all the cold war era bunkers were.  This  one that cut thought the hillside had a section that ran slightly uphill towards the exit.  With the setting sun and dark hall I thought I’d try to capture the image in my head.

It took me a few tries to get the look that I wanted  (I had to set up my camera for a self timer and run down the hall once I pressed the shutter), but I think it came out great.

Along with my photo taking, I have been in the mood for reading up on other photography sites.  One that I found had a really profound impact on how I view my gear.  I’ll be posting about that next.  I feel it is really something that all photographers should hear.



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