Greece #1

I have expressed my curious appreciation of chairs before.  When traveling in Greece the summer of 2015,  I came across this view.  When I see this beauty, I can't help but think of all the people that have enjoyed this view before.  Chairs capture the presence of people without having any in the scene.  It's... Continue Reading →

Photography Sites: Where to Post

There are literally hundreds of photography and social media sites for you to visit and post your images on.  From Flickr and 500px to twitter and tumblr, there are some really great places to upload your images. How do you choose which one to use?  How many should you choose? This are question that I... Continue Reading →

Among Giants

This is one of those Images that reminds me that you don't need great gear (or even any gear) to get the shot.  This was in the PNW the weekend of my sisters wedding in 2016.  We had gone for a hike near the Punch Bowl trail with a bunch of family and friends and... Continue Reading →

Review: Pedco UltraPod II

WHAT?! A $20 that I would recommend!? If you have read my other tripod review post, you would know that I am not a fan of cheep tripods. The Pedco UltraPod II however, is a fantastic little tripod.  In the few times that I didn't want to take my Vauguard Alta Pro because of space... Continue Reading →

Review: Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod

The number one thing I can say about tripods is that you should not, under any circumstances, go to Walmart and buy the first one you see (unless its an emergency) thinking all tripods are equal. That will be your biggest mistake.  I'm speaking from experience in this matter, it makes a HUGE difference when... Continue Reading →

Looking Down Glymur Falls

This was a really fun shot to take. That's my sister on our trip to Iceland this past spring. This is actually not one, but several photos that I stacked on top of each other. We are standing at the top of the tallest waterfall in Iceland: Glymur Falls. Totally worth the 3+ hour hike... Continue Reading →

Your Vision

Do you ever feel like you don't know why type of photography your style is? Don't worry because it's something that I struggle with every time I look through the view finder. We all have that photographer inside of us, that desire to capture the moment. This is made even more clear with the advent... Continue Reading →

Photo Editing Software

Photo Editing Showdown   Polarr vs Lightroom   If you are on this site, you should know that I am all about finding deals and things that work for you for the lowest price. Having said that, I need to let you know that I have bought Lightroom. However, I will be comparing Lightroom with... Continue Reading →

Gear Envy

How to avoid gear envy Do you ever feel like your photography will take the next step if only you had "blank" camera gear? I know I do at times. You have probably heard this a thousand times before, "the best camera is the one you have access to".  Photography gear can be very expensive... Continue Reading →

Greece #2

There are some things in this life that really cause me to stop and think. Empty chairs are one of those things for me. There have been stories told in these chairs, in different languages, and for different reasons.

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