Lounging on Lake Lanier

If you have ever had a place in the world that just makes you happy no matter when you go there you will understand how I feel about this view.  Every year growing up we would have a huge family gathering on Thanksgiving at my uncle's house in Atlanta.  Nearly everyone on my mom's side... Continue Reading →

Canalside Buffalo

Through all the cold winters and mild summers people in Buffalo flock to the new Canalside downtown.  For good reason, it is the sign of the cities rebirth and continued growth in the past 5 years.  These chairs you see here are on one of the few bridges that span the restoration of the historic... Continue Reading →

Rest on the Hood

I could sit here every morning.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to see what the evening or morning sun looked like from this perch but I can only imagine that it would be stunning.  This is one of the few places that I can't imagine talking.  It would ruin the peace and beauty of this amazing... Continue Reading →

Icelandic Respite

That whole week in Iceland with my sister was amazing, but this was the start of what we came to call "the good day".  In fact, you could say it was the "best day".  The amount of things that happened that day is crazy to think back on.  It all started with this morning hike... Continue Reading →

Greece #1

I have expressed my curious appreciation of chairs before.  When traveling in Greece the summer of 2015,  I came across this view.  When I see this beauty, I can't help but think of all the people that have enjoyed this view before.  Chairs capture the presence of people without having any in the scene.  It's... Continue Reading →

Greece #2

There are some things in this life that really cause me to stop and think. Empty chairs are one of those things for me. There have been stories told in these chairs, in different languages, and for different reasons.

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