On the Edge of Silence

Puffins are adorable. There, I said it. I was able to capture this shot while in Iceland with my sister this past summer. This is in the west fjords where puffins typically found in Iceland. We had said that if we don't see puffins on this trip, it was basically a failure (not literally, we... Continue Reading →

White-out Wonder of the World

Niagara Falls NY.  In my 24 years of living in Buffalo (only a 25 min ride from Niagara Falls) I never went in the winter.  Crazy right?  I think many people have similar experiences.  We can take places for granted when we live so close to them.  Did you know that Niagara Falls is one... Continue Reading →

Life Behind the Camera

The past few years I have been more focused on capturing the moment with my camera that I haven't been in many photos myself.  This is the life of a photographer.  For me, I have always found pleasure in taking the photo and not being in it.  Not because I don't like being in photos,... Continue Reading →

Greece #1

I have expressed my curious appreciation of chairs before.  When traveling in Greece the summer of 2015,  I came across this view.  When I see this beauty, I can't help but think of all the people that have enjoyed this view before.  Chairs capture the presence of people without having any in the scene.  It's... Continue Reading →

Among Giants

This is one of those Images that reminds me that you don't need great gear (or even any gear) to get the shot.  This was in the PNW the weekend of my sisters wedding in 2016.  We had gone for a hike near the Punch Bowl trail with a bunch of family and friends and... Continue Reading →

Looking Down Glymur Falls

This was a really fun shot to take. That's my sister on our trip to Iceland this past spring. This is actually not one, but several photos that I stacked on top of each other. We are standing at the top of the tallest waterfall in Iceland: Glymur Falls. Totally worth the 3+ hour hike... Continue Reading →

In the Dark

  We were walking thought Sutro Baths and this is the tunnel that they would use to bring in new water for the pools. I took a few shots trying to get the right settings. I wanted the darkens of the tunnel to give a bright opening and create some good silhouettes. I think it... Continue Reading →

Running down the Beach

It was a fun day walking around Sutro Baths in SF with some good friends. But that's not why you came here. As a refresher, ALL the photos you will see on this site will be taken with a 50mm lens on a Nikon. This shot has some humor behind it as well. I was... Continue Reading →

Welcome To

In case you didn't catch it in the site title, I only shoot with a fixed 50mm lens. Unlike most camera blogs that I have seen, I will not be doing reviews (okay, I might do a few reviews), but simply taking pictures with my fixed 50 and sharing what I have learned with you.... Continue Reading →

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