MidWeek Challenge #18: Straight Ahead

Use a vanishing viewpoint in an image.  This type of challenge works well with buildings as you can see from the featured image here.  Bonus if anyone can tell me which building this is! As always be sure to send your image and its story into fixed.at.50mm@gmail.com for a chance to get featured! (sorry for... Continue Reading →

Midweek Challenge #17: Mirrored

Mirrors are funky and really fun to play with in photography.  There are some really fun images you can create with a reflection.  While mirrors are the topic, it would be wrong to exclude reflections.  This could be a self portrait or a more unique look at how mirrors can alter ones perception. Some of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Challenge #15: Cars

The entirety of the US is built around the car. If you can't find a car to photograph then you must live in a hut in the Canadian wilderness... Since they occupy such a large part of our day, there should be plenty opportunities for you to capture these machines in motion. Panning or a... Continue Reading →

Midweek Challenge #14: Paths

When I was out hiking in Muir woods, I heard a person walking the other way make a comment and it went something like this: "Wow, I don't remember seeing this. Its amazing what you can see when you walk the other way." Now, I don't think he was trying to be really philosophical but... Continue Reading →

Weekly Challenge #12: Long Shutter

A long shutter is one of the most powerful things you can do with your camera.  Very few phone cameras offer the ability to control your camera settings manually.  That lack of control can lead to you missing a shot that you could see, but your camera couldn't capture. A few really good long shutter... Continue Reading →

Midweek Challenge #11: Highway

All the roads in the world are connected... Just a fun random though for this weeks challenge.  Highways are what have shaped America more than we realize.  This week, try and capture what that means to your vision.   Just so everyone knows, I was not driving when I took this As always, send in... Continue Reading →

Midweek Challenge #10: Hands

Our hands are amazing.  Did you know that our hands are capable of amazing motor control far beyond what we are able to do?  The reason we can't utilize them to their full potential is because of a type of "latency" between our eyes seeing something, telling our brain to do it, then having our... Continue Reading →

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