Rest on the Hood

I could sit here every morning.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to see what the evening or morning sun looked like from this perch but I can only imagine that it would be stunning.  This is one of the few places that I can't imagine talking.  It would ruin the peace and beauty of this amazing... Continue Reading →

Icelandic Respite

That whole week in Iceland with my sister was amazing, but this was the start of what we came to call "the good day".  In fact, you could say it was the "best day".  The amount of things that happened that day is crazy to think back on.  It all started with this morning hike... Continue Reading →

Street Corner Symphony

Walking around the city can reveal little gems of shots.  This one I captured while walking around the city with a friend of mine the other day.  I modified the image slightly in that I added a blur around the focused building in the center.  The lighting was too awesome to pass up the shot... Continue Reading →

The World Above

I have always been fascinated with the stars. The idea of endless possibilities in the stars is a point of wonder for me. It should come as no surprise that I love to photograph the stars as well. This was taken from the roof of my families cabin in the woods of western New York... Continue Reading →

Chromebooks: Mobile Photo Editing?

Chromebook Photo Editing Review   A little Background, For most people, they never would even consider a Chromebook for photo editing.  Well, they are right in some regards.  They are usually under powered and don't support typical programs that would work on PC or mac (IE any adobe program).  When Chromebooks were introduced in 2011... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Art

You never know when you might stumble upon an interesting image.  The only reason I can think that this strip of white is on this building is because of an egress stair that was taken off (for safety reasons? that building isn't in the greatest of shape).  Even that though doesn't make sense.  Why would... Continue Reading →

Through the Cracks

This is one of my favorite photos.  It is so simple but the contrast and the detail in the leaf is just perfect.  I was sitting at my uncles house when I saw this leaf on the ground.  I picked it up and admired its detail.  I tried to capture it on the table with... Continue Reading →

On the Edge of Silence

Puffins are adorable. There, I said it. I was able to capture this shot while in Iceland with my sister this past summer. This is in the west fjords where puffins typically found in Iceland. We had said that if we don't see puffins on this trip, it was basically a failure (not literally, we... Continue Reading →

White-out Wonder of the World

Niagara Falls NY.  In my 24 years of living in Buffalo (only a 25 min ride from Niagara Falls) I never went in the winter.  Crazy right?  I think many people have similar experiences.  We can take places for granted when we live so close to them.  Did you know that Niagara Falls is one... Continue Reading →

Life Behind the Camera

The past few years I have been more focused on capturing the moment with my camera that I haven't been in many photos myself.  This is the life of a photographer.  For me, I have always found pleasure in taking the photo and not being in it.  Not because I don't like being in photos,... Continue Reading →

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